Beginning of the end of summer on Lake Martin

Well it’s the beginning of the end of summer 🙁 August is the month school starts back and by the end of the month most of all the Lake Martin becomes a weekend only getaway again. Riding every single day, getting up early every morning so you can get the good water before anyone else becomes a Saturday and Sunday endeavor.  So it’s time to take advantage of every opportunity, to work on the tricks you have been trying all summer.  Time to get a few new ones in your pocket and make the rest even more consistent.  It’s a good time to get with your riding friends and make it a point to get out and spend time in your favorite spot and try over and over until you stick that elusive trick you’ve been so close to.  Repetition, over and over…with today’s video technology you can surely get someone to document your efforts, which is really cool when you land and ride away (PROOF!!) but even more so that you can see what you are doing wrong.  If you aren’t working with someone that’s coaching you, then you can see if you’re throwing a trick going up the wake or off the lip; if you start your rotation to early, if your handle pass is just all wrong.  Take advantage of those resources available and keep at it.  It’s easy to get discouraged working on a new trick.  If your not getting it, then step back and just ride.. have fun with where you are, then come back to it.  Don’t get so fatigued that your form is suffering and there is little chance of you getting a solid “ride away clean” anyway, your probably getting closer to a bad fall and possible injury.. admittedly I’m not very good there.  As long standing President of the “One more Time” club, I’m getting better at stopping when my legs are just jello, the trick isn’t going to happen.  Its time to get in the boat, drive and try again later or if it’s the next day, then it’s the next day.  Given the time of year, those days are relatively limited, so exploit your opportunities!

The month of August and end of summer brings about another opportunity, and has always been a favorite of mine.. year end close outs!  All of the local marinas (you should absolutely be shopping locally!) run specials to get the remaining stock gone by summers end.  It’s a great time to pick up whatever you need.  It’s time to replace the knot filled, frayed rope, the sun bleached seam splitting vest or the board that you’ve just had way to long with worn out bindings.. year end close out should be music to your ears.  Stores don’t particularly like to go into off season with excessive stock sitting.  So it’s pretty normal to see some substantial price change on that product you’ve been eyeing every time you stop by to fill up the boat.  Shopping locally also helps you in a few ways, you should be able to talk with someone about your upgrade.  Is it the right board or binding for you?  Will something else fit your style or riding ability a little better?  The diversity of product today is quite impressive, the flex and speed of a board, and choice the bindings too just make it fun pick.  Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of one of the marinas demo days and seen the products, been in a boat and heard riders and coaches talking about the boards, what they really like.. makes the decision making easier and a little more educated.  If it’s just price driven, then hey, you get a good board at a good price, it fits, you have fun… score, end of story.  There’s plenty to chose from go see what’s out there.

Also, it has been brought to my attention, on more that one occasion lately, due to a previous article about wake etiquette. Would i remind everyone to please be mindful of your wake.  I like a big blown up wake more than anybody, but please try to ride away from highly residential areas with docks and boats getting worked by your wake.  There are good places to go and ride, take the time to get away from everyone if at all possible.  Riding in the busy hours in heavy traffic areas is not going to give you any opportunity to enjoy, learn or progress and I can’t tell you how often I see it.  WAKESURFERS…trust me here…the boat isn’t going to be able to stay at a consistent speed and your not going to be able to ride, do a trick or even stay in the wave.  If your having to surf with the rope in those conditions, your welcome, I just identified the problem.  Find a slough with decent water and let the boat stay at speed so you can too.  One big surge of speed from the boat with drop a surfer in a blink of an eye.  Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and surf in a spot where your not bothered by other boats wakes.
Have fun out there, I’ll see you on the water-