Lake Martin testing ground for new wakesurfboards

Spring is here on Lake Martin.  The water is nearly full pool and temperature of both the air and water is rising.  Its a great time of the year on Lake Martin, and it’s a great time to enjoy the lake.  The boats are getting broken out of their cold weather cocoons or covered shelters for their de-winterization.   It’s time to summerize the boat, get’em cleaned up and the engine all tuned for the coming season.

This time of the year I always like to discuss some of the new things I’m super stoked about for the coming season.  What’s really different besides a graphic change out there?  Well there are a quite a few new things, but one I’m most happy about writing about because I actually got to be a part of it’s concept and R&D.  The Victoria “Debut”, a wood core wakesurfer is brand new for 2015.  For the past few years of watching the evolution of wakeboarding and the wood core hybrids I began talking with the guys at Victoria about doing something like that for a wakesurfer.  The boards concept was to give the rider one distinct difference, different that any board produced on the market.  FLEX!  Now any wakesurfboard you buy; be it a skim style or surf style has some flex due to the inherent nature of what your doing. There is no surfer that is so stiff there is zero flex.  The Debut is flexy, I mean it’s super flexy, like my Sector 9 bamboo longboard skate.  That was the idea, we have rocker, stiffness and all the speed in our other Victoria models; like the Agent, Factor or Grommet and you can even stiffen those up with carbon fiber. There was nothing that would really flex for a super carving, mellow riding board.  The Debut was not meant to be anything like a normal wakesurfer.  It’s a completely different board for your quiver BUT, it still keeps the characteristics you’ve come to know and love in your skimstyle surfers.  You can buy something different and it will break free and spin, or pop for a shuv unlike it’s surf style brethren.  A few things happened when Tex Haines made me the first prototype and I got on the board to ride.  I had to wipe away my expectations of a ride like my factor, it’s a little over 50 inches long with an 1/8 Russian birch core, with 2 layers of fiberglass wrapped around it.  Where/how I weight the board and dig in to receive the push of the wave is different. It takes a ride or two to really get the feel of such a flexy board (no different that changing from a composite wakeboard to a hybrid) The flex and it’s rebound are amazing, and make the ride super fun and mellow.  There is an incredible amount of feel translated to your feet in the board.  It the exactly what I hoped Tex would come up with, and that was something different but have the ability to do most all of the tricks any wakesurfer will do.    So for the beginner that just wants to test the waters or the experience rider that wants to have something new to play on and break it up, you can do it with the same board and for a minimal investment. The second thing that happen when Tex cut the board for our small riders is that shorter boards of the same thickness having less weight on them don’t flex near a much, kind of obvious right… The short board became the perfect kids board.  The small Debut offers rideablity for the little groms that the pvc core boards do.  Its thinner width and weight are an advantage in the getting started i.e. unattached board to feet at the start. It’s a little less buoyant and “bobbing” which as a coach is one of the hurdles we have to overcome with kids and adults starting out.   The board doesn’t have the same rail design so it will ride different and accelerate a little less aggressively, but again, that’s ideal for a beginners needs.  The big thing Tex and I wanted to do was get that to you for under $200.  The final product produced is now a 52.2 x 21.9 x 3/8 inch board, the small is a 48 x 20.1.  and all for $199.
Enjoy the Spring.. see you on the water