A weekend wakesurfing…

October 18, 2010 By

so wakesurfing has overtaken my time on all other riding devices combined.. and i’m not sure even how or why at the moment.. i just love riding and carving around on the wave.. on paper it seems boring to me..but it’s far from it.. the same wave for as long as i want to ride it????? well, make that as long as i can keep from falling.. and that happens plenty. I took a surf set sunday morning for nearly an hr… it felt like 25 min tops.. i really wanted to change boards and play on the surfstyle board.. i just keep piddling around w/ this, then that.. and before i knew it… and hour had pasted… i had a patient driver (thank you so much) me and the lake; pretty glassy water.. no boats to mention…just playing.. i’m learning to give up on the “gotta stick this” mentality.. if i ride away.. i do.. but i just wanna ride… i got 2 more sets in later that day and got to watch a bunch of others surf… as we rolled in at the end of the day.. there was a boat full of smiles.



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